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At Jones Bee Company you can count on good sound advice and a wide collection of articles and additional resources to help you in your beekeeping adventures.

Basic Information on Beekeeping
Information on the basics of beekeeping including hives, beekeeping equipment and how to best protect yourself.

The Queen Mother
Everything you wanted to know about Queen Bees.

What is pollen
Learn all about this powerful product of the hive.

What is propolis
Nature's choice product for first aid!

The Busy Busy Honey Bee
The Life Cycle of The Honeybee. Also explains the jobs of all the bees in the hive. A wonderful article written by Marj Jones.

Honey Bee-Havior
General information on the honeybee and it's behavior.
Great information in a simple to read article written by our own Marj Jones.

Creating Your Own Creamed Honey
Description and instructions to make your own creamed honey appear in this 1987 article from the NZ Beekeeper Magazine.

US Laws And Regulations On Honey Bees
Interesting, although somewhat difficult reading.

Don't Bee Skunked
Information on how to protect your hives from the dreaded pest.

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