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Its finally spring and its time to see what is going on in our hives. As most of us know it is time to split if we have healthy hives.

For us that do we have found an easy way that seems to work well. Here are the steps:

Purchased Queen:

  1. Make sure you have at least 8 preferred 10 frames (deep or the equal in med so 12-14 approx)

  2. Purchase a queen, we sell them.

  3. Move your existing hive at minimum 5 feet from where it was.

  4. Turn it 90 degrees from the way it was facing, so if it was facing south face it east.

  5. In the original location place a new bottom board, and an empty super/box.

  6. Go to the hive you have moved

    •  And knock the bees off halve (4 or 5) the frames of brood/eggs

    • Take them back to the original location

  7. Place them in the empty box together, never separate the brood.

  8. Go back to the hive you have moved.

    •  And knock the bees off halve the frames of Honey and pollen.

    • Take them back to the original location

  9. Place them on the outside of the brood frames.

  10. Hang the purchased queen in the center of the box. We like to leave the cork in with her for 2 days before we replace it with marshmallow. So we know they are use to her.

  11. Then we place on a second box to let them start to grow. We have our feeder in there. If you use a hive top feeder place it on as well. Fill your feeder.

  12. Place your top on, it will be 3 to 4 days before you see a lot of activity out of the hive.

  13. Back to the original hive.

  14. Make sure your brood is together. Place the honey and pollen on the outside of them.

  15. You can place a few in the new second box you are going to place on the hive, I have found when I knock the bees off the frames into the new second box there are less damaged in the process, then set them on the first box from the split.

  16. Make sure the feeder is in top box or hive top is on fill it.

Place your top on, Again it will be a few days until you see any real activity in the hive.


Now if you don't want to purchase a Queen this is how we will tell you to do it.

Just like the other way make sure you have 8-10 frames of brood.

  1. Slide your bottom board 1/2 over, so your new bottom will have the other halve the original opening/entrance.

  2. Split your brood evenly between your 2 halves make sure that you have young eggs in both halves so it don't matter which halve has the queen.

  3. Split the honey and the pollen frames also evenly between both halves.

  4. Place a new second box on both halves.

  5. Make sure both halves have a full feeder.

  6. Place the lid on.

  7. Go to your Calendar and mark it, 45 days from split. That is when you should have eggs in both halves.

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