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This is how Jones Bee hives their packages: We recommend reading and understanding all instructions before beginning.

Ask questions before you start.

  1. These are the basic needed Items

1a. Bottom board

1b. One super/box ready to go, Frames and feeder if you use the In-hive feeder, I was out when I took the pictures.

1c. One empty super/box no frames.

1d. One hive top, and inner cover if used.

2.  This is how your hive should look when you arrive with your package.

2a.  You want to have premixed a small amount of powdered sugar and water to the consistency of frosting ready to go.

3.  Remove lid from your hive

3a.  Then remove feed can from your package. You can use a hive tool or screw driver so you don't break the cluster as bad as turning it upside down.

3b. Remove the queen cage by pulling the metal tab on the top towards the opening,  (where the can was) and out knock off any hitchhikers.

4.At the bottom of the queen cage there will be a wooden cork, take a Nail or screw and pull out. Do not push in. The queen can't get out around it. When removing the cork place your finger over the hole insuring the queen stays in, while you get some of the frosting to seal the queen in the cage, since she has traveled with the bees she only needs to be held for about 15 minutes. Just long enough to allow the commotion to settle down so they don't ball her. It also assists with her not flying off. If your not sure, take her into the car so if she gets away you can catch her again.

5. Now slide her in to the center of the frames in the bottom super/box. Make sure she is facing the out, not into the foundation next to her. Like shown.

So the bees have access to her screen, for feeding incase she is not released in that short time.

6. Now the queen is in the box, take your package of bees, and gently set them atop your queen with a gentle thump to knock some bees down on your queen. Set your feeder can, by the package as well they should be set for the first night.

7.  Set your lid back on, and walk away.

8. The next Day:

  1. Pull the second box off.
  2. Remove the nearly empty bee cage if there are still bees in it, set it on the ground in front of the hive the hole facing the opening of the hive. If not take it away skip step 8.

  3. Pull your queen cage out of the hive, make sure it is empty if not pull the screen and let her walk down on the frames, keeping her close to the frames, of your box.
  4. Fill your feeder with sugar water.
  5. Give first dose of Duramycin. If you have it.
  6. Set your lid on the single deep box.
  7. Take your empty super/box,  feed can and queen cage away.
  8. Around dinner time go grab your bee cage, if there are bees still in it shake them out, or wait until morning.
  9. Return the bee cage to Jones Bee if you purchased your bees from us.
  10. Enjoy your Beekeeping experience.

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